Ephesus daily tours , ephesus tours

Very nice weekend in Istanbul, where island tours istanbul join. Our first meeting with tour guide tour with our guide istanbul OldCity We found Luxury hotel lobby We have to Kabatas ferry port with a private car for about 15 minutes. Here we had a ferry ride lasted 1.5 hours. Ottoman during our journey we passed a large number of works made during the empire. A part  ephesus daily tours , ephesus tours of Istanbul is the only city in the Asian continent, a part of the European continent and in the middle of the Bosphorus and the sea. The Asian continent during our journey we passed under the bridge that connects the throat to the European ephesus daily tours , ephesus tours continent and we passed it Beylerbeyi palace. Made the reign of Sultan Abdul Hamid and was built as a summer palace here. Had a very nice view of the sea and the Bosphorus sea. Then in the middle of the sea near the coast of Uskudar Girl tower is Bulunba. Istanbul is one of the structures that are the opposite icon Dolmabahce palace.

We had a very nice island of Burgas and the Yolculuğuz here and here after the island is the smallest of the island and here we have Kinal had a very nice beach and the beach. After we got the latest heybeli island with large island. Here we approach the history of the island and we went to the square island ferry docks here. The island is quite large
is a historic place. The island has occurred in many shops selling delicious ice cream. Is very wooded and forested island where the large number of special There are picnic areas. Made with Ottoman architecture on the island is composed of two-storey bay in front of the pavilion pavilion and the many beautiful flowers and trees
There is decorated garden. Motor vehicles and car use and transport ban on all islands are made with only bicycles and horse-drawn carriage carriages. Finally, we come to the highest peak of the island and had a very nice view of the islands.

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Private Istanbul Oldcity Tours and Holiday

We attended a private tours are very special in Istanbul. first tour we met at the hotel with our guide. We met our guide at the hotel lobby for Private tours istanbul tours. We went with our tour guide OldCity Istanbul and told us very detailed information about Istanbul. istanbul many civilizations and also lived in Istanbul in 2010 has become the world capital of culture. The first building in Istanbul Hippodrome and horse racing here gladiator battles and many shows are held here. Hippodrome Egyptian obelisk and the Serpentine Shot 2 has been introduced. Hippodrome was used as an arena. Finally, the fountain was built by the German emperor Ottoman sultan getting gifts. Hippodrome Ottoman Empire Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent is the first work done in a timely manner Vizier Ibrahim Pasha mansion owned by a very nice renovation and restoration after Turkey serves as an Islamic museum. Turkish handicraft works and a very large hand-woven silk and wool carpets and rugs are exhibited here.

The first time in Istanbul Konstantin became the first capital and surrounded by huge walls around the city and a city Istanbul was a very sheltered. Istanbul and the most beautiful place on the highest hill in the city are Istanbul Blue mosque. At any point in the city is located in the middle of this structure OldCity Istanbul. This structure made with classical Ottoman Empire 7 years sedefkar by architect Mehmet Efendi. My skill has also made my work and this place is very beautiful stonework. There is a garden decorated with blue mosque made of very large marble courtyard and a wide variety of flowers. Finally, there is the Blue Mosque of very slender minaret and dome 6. Istanbul blue mosque manuscripts that are too large in Allah and the Prophet Muhammad with a very nice especially the calligraphy are decorated with blue Iznik tiles. Istanbul Blue Mosque Sultan Ahmet was conducted in 1699 on behalf of.

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Luxury Cappadocia Tours

We went to special cave hotel in Urgup. The Cave hotel with warm summers and cool winter had a natural ventilation system. Cave hotel is a very special one else in the world There are no hotels in Cave. Cave hotel room was quite spacious. We got up early in the morning we met our guide and tour with the hotel lobby. Before we do all organic and natural buffet breakfast. Then we joined Private tours to Cappadocia and our tour guide told us a lot more about cappadocia. Cappadocia lived in many civilizations and the formation of here Hasan mountain the lava cooling and evaporation has occurred under the influence of rain and wind. Cappadocia is a wonder of nature here is the list of world heritage by Unesco is protected as a conservation area. It is also a center of culture and the imposition cappadocia. For example, after the spread of Christianity was spread all over Europe here. Cappadocia historic property is located on the Silk Road caravans that are sent from here to other cities.

first we went to the middle Hisar town Cappadocia tour with our guide in the morning and this is done is composed of a two-storey house with Ottoman architecture. In front of the houses there are apple orchards. There are many areas in Cappadocia piknşk. Cappadocia Goreme open air which is spread over a wide area We went to the museum. this is spread over a wide area, and numerous cave and fairy chimneys live here. People have lived and made religious worship here. had a very special place in the church and the cave is decorated with paintings and mosaics of Jesus and Mary. We attended an early morning balloon tour. Balloon tour that really was fun and excitement. We went to 250 feet above the ground and many balloons were flying here, there was a special celebration after balloon tours.
They also provided us cappadocia flight certificate. The tip of the highest peak of the fortress cappadocia cappadocia and had a very nice view from here.

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